Envie d’équiper votre appartement ou votre maison de la climatisation ? Découvrez nos produits et services d’installation.

Entrust us with the installation of your air conditioning

Gagnez en confort thermique dans votre habitat avec l’installation d’une climatisation, un élément de confort incontournable, qui vous permet aussi de faire des économies d’énergie conséquentes.

Choose the best quality

Our supplier: Gree is today the most important manufacturer of air conditioners in the world. This passion for technology and the bet on constant innovation allow them to sell 1 out of 3 air conditioners in the world.

A wide variety of models for home air conditioning, with the highest energy efficiency to ensure great comfort while maintaining low power consumption

Ambiance Bain Quality


In-house production of all its critical components to guarantee the best quality of its products.


+ More than 5% of annual sales invested in R&D and more than 27,000 technological patents filed.


1 in 3 air conditioners are sold by Gree worldwide.



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